Jodiphotography x PUNK ROCK MUSEUM

*ANNOUNCEMENT!!!* (April 10, 2023)

I’ve been excited to announce this and now that people are starting to notice and ask questions - Yes, that is some of my work at the Punk Rock Museum in Vegas! About a month ago I got a message saying Fat Mike was trying to find out who took a photo he found that he really wanted to put in his new museum…. after we finally connected, it went from 1 of my photos being used to so many more, and even having my own photo on the photographers wall. I LOVE photographing punk bands and have been doing so since 2010 - so to have so much of my work that was just sat on external hdd’s all these years included in something as huge as this is such an honour. I cannot wait to see more pics - Thank you again Fat Mike! 

Will update this page as I receive more photos!

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