1. Papa Roach / No Fixed Abode Streetwear shoot

    2023-09-10 00:14:35 UTC
    Back in March I took photos of Papa Roach at Utilita Arena in Birmingham for streetwear brand No Fixed Abode. The photos are finally out! Here’s a preview of one of my pics on the front cover of ASBO Magazine.

  2. Punk Rock Museum

    2023-04-10 15:57:33 UTC
    *ANNOUNCEMENT!!!* I’ve been excited to announce this and now that people are starting to notice and ask questions - Yes, that is some of my work at the Punk Rock Museum in Vegas About a month ago I got a message saying Fat Mike was trying to find out who…

  3. Published Work

    2022-04-15 19:29:21 UTC
    A small selection of work I’ve had published. To be updated :) LostAlone - 2022 reunion/tour promo -  Last year I shot some promo photos with LostAlone to announce their comeback tour with My Chemical Romance - I used to love shooting with these guys before their split in 2014,…

  4. Dennis Dunaway Collaboration

    2022-03-21 12:49:00 UTC
    2020 ‘Killer’ bundle At the start of the pandemic, I did my first collaboration with Dennis. Dennis signed each print with his name, and just like the original Alice Cooper album cover for ‘Killer’, he wrote Killer with his left hand.  These were limited to just 18 (a nod to…

  5. Photoshop edits

    2020-03-03 16:40:18 UTC
    Sometimes it’s fun to go through old photos and try something new! This photo of Royal Republic was taken last year in Birmingham. I never actually shared the original photo, but after finding it in my files last night I thought maybe I can do something with this…. This is…

  6. 2020 update!

    2020-02-29 15:04:30 UTC
    Hi everyone! I rarely update this blog section but kept it open if anyone wants to see some photos in my previous posts. The best way to keep up with me and my recent work is by the following my social pages… Thank you!

  7. Jasper Carrott - Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford

    2017-04-19 13:26:00 UTC
    Here’s just a couple of many shots I took at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre for Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up & Rock Tour (07/04/17).  Portraits: Jasper Carrott, Phil Tree, Tony Kelsey, Bev Bevan, Geoff Turton, Suzi Woo, Abby Brant. All images taken for - not to be used without permission

  8. Alice Cooper Backstage / Live photography

    2017-04-15 22:18:00 UTC
    ‘Throwback’ blog post to 2015 when I got to shoot a couple of photos backstage before Alice Cooper and the band went on stage in Birmingham. Amazing night and grateful I was able to do this. Great bunch of people! 

  9. Tony Christie - Tour Rehearsals

    2017-04-15 21:27:00 UTC
    September last year I had a day at Robbanas Studios (Birmingham) taking photos for Tony Christie’s 2016 tour rehearsals. Here’s a couple of photos I took that day! 

  10. The Mercy - Band promo / studio

    2017-04-15 20:26:00 UTC
    A few photos taken from my recent shoot with The Mercy.  (Nov 2016) Thanks to the band for this great review on my photography page too! “My band (The Mercy) hired Jodi for a photo shoot., and her attitude, passion and enthusiasm was excellent, and the end product was simply

  11. Black Rose Cadillac promo shoot 2017

    2017-04-14 23:52:00 UTC
    Promo shoot for Stafford band Black Rose Cadillac. Feb 26th 2017 Thanks a lot to Ryan Hulme (vocals) for this review on my photography page too! “Jodie is one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met, and she’s one of the most incredibly talented photographers too! Black Rose Cadillac did

  12. Dave Day - Album promo shoot

    2017-04-14 22:17:00 UTC
    Commission shoot for Dave Day last year for his new album ‘Tales Of Billy Jenson’ which can now be purchased here! 

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